Wearing Cropped Cargo Pants, Floral Top & Remembering The Power Of Kindness

I remember growing up we had a little picture in our living room of a garden full of flowers that had these words printed on top -"Little deeds of  kindness, little words of love, Make our Earth an Eden like the heaven above". I don't remember who put that picture there (probably mom), but I remember my dad pointing to the picture and reading the lines aloud when my siblings (I have a brother and a sister BTW) used to have a fight over insignificant things (which all sibling fights usually are). Dad would come to us, make us sit and tell us how kindness can make us 'bigger person' when we have a disagreement or a quarrel! He used to say our smiles, sweet words and generosity are God's gift to us and we have the power to use our 'gift' to solve any problem and resolve any fight! And believe me I have experienced (many times) how a smile and soft gentle words can calm the situation and you can make other person listen to you and understand what you have to say! As my dad says, people are usually good, they want to avoid conflict, they want to be happy - if you can give them a chance to do that, they grab onto it without hesitation! I am not suggesting that you 'fake' it, but when you start with a smile and kindness, you lay the ground rules of the conversation! The other person has no choice but to start from where you are! Happy and with a smile!! It sounds too simple to be effective, but usually the best solution is the simplest one!
Now about today's outfit - it is a simple and happy! Some flowers, some color and a cheerful attitude! Can you feel my smile greeting you? How can you argue with this face??;-)

Top - Macy's (2009)
Cropped Cargo Pants - From India (2004) (yep, that old!!)
Shoes - Target (2011)

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In next post, I'd like to share an example when one little deed of kindness touched so many people! Have you experienced a situation where a smile and few gentle words influenced, calmed or improved the environment?
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